Training & Coaching

Are you looking to improve your craftsman’s technical skills or provide coaching to your frontline supervisors and managers? Look no further, you have found Vezér Industrial Professionals.

Vezér Industrial Professionals in conjunction with CemSolve, Inc. can supply all your craftsman, supervisory and managerial training and coaching needs.

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  1. Safety
  2. Shop Practices
  3. Technical Drawings
  4. Bearings
  5. Seals
  6. Shafts & Attachments
  7. Couplings
  8. Rigging
  9. Installation and leveling
  10. Alignment
  11. Welding


  1. Gear Failures
  2. Gear School
  3. Installation of Gear Drives
  4. Installation and Alignment of Large Ring Gears
  5. Mechanical Alignment
  6. Successful Maintenance of Grinding Mill Gearing & Bearings
  7. AGMA Standard
  8. Faulk Procedure for Installing a New Pinion with a Used Gear
  9. Faulk Ring Gears
  10. Ring Gear Tolerances Applicable to Kiln/Dryer Gears
  11. Procedure for Monitoring of Gear Alignment by Temperature
  12. RIM/Axial Run Out Sheet
  13. Ductile Iron as an Alternative to Cast Steel


  1. Master Gear and Kiln Section Installation and Alignment
  2. Kiln free floating Filler Bar Installations and Kiln Support Roll Pedestal Replacement
  3. Introduction to Hot Kiln Alignment
  4. Rotary Kiln Support Roll Axis Alignment and Skewing Technology
  5. Ball Mill Bearing Maintenance and Replacement Procedure
  6. Reciprocating Grate Clinker Cooler Maintenance and Alignment Procedure
  7. Ball Mill Flanged Journal Replacement Procedure
  8. Baghouse Dust Collector Systems
  9. Vertical Roller Mill Technology
  10. Rotary Sliding Vane Compressor and FK Pump
  11. Coal Mills