400 tph Loesche LM60.6 Installation

Location: Martinsburg, WV
Duration: 20 weeks

Vezér Industrial Professionals installed the Loesche Mill 60.6 at a brown field cement plant expansion in Martinsburg, WV. The project included installing all raw mill associated equipment.

Scope of Work:

  • Install Mill Bases
  • Install Joint Blocks
  • Check alignment after completing welding of Joint Blocks and correct any possible misalignment
  • Perform the final level centering of the mill base
  • Tension mill base anchor bolts to 100% of specified torque value
  • Finish Grout of Mill Bases
  • Install Gear Frame
  • Pressure grouting with Epoxy Grout
  • Install Main Gear
  • Assembly Bottom Casing
  • Assembly Grinding Table
  • Roller and Pressure Lever Assembly (Roller and Swing lever assembly delivered assembled)
  • Swinging out the Roller Shaft Boss Assembly
  • Installing the Spring Box Assembly Connecting the Hydraulic Cylinder to the Joint head
  • Install Steel Platform
  • Install Mill Housing (it is assumed that mill housing is delivered in three sections)
  • Nozzle Ring
  • Assembling Separator, including classifier and drive
  • Rotary Valve
  • Installation Hydraulic System

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