2,600 tpd tkIS Preheater Tower Installation

Location: Charlevoix, MI
Duration: 28 weeks

Vezér Industrial Professionals installed the equipment for a 2,600 tpd ThyssenKrupp Preheater tower at a brown field cement plant expansion in Charlevoix, MI. The project included installing all preheater tower associated equipment and structural steel.

Scope of Work:

  • Assembly of all structural parts of the new pre-heater tower (TAG 4G1 BG01) including access platforms, lateral cover, roofing, ducts, tipping valves, expansion joints, air cannons, meal chutes, differential pressure monitoring system etc.
  • Removal of existing feed bucket elevator and installation of a new feed bucket elevator system and supporting equipment such as air slides, dust collectors etc.
  • Installation of bridge across the Pre-heater Tower and the New Raw Meal Silo.
  • Site fabrication and replacing bottom sections of two existing cyclones
  • Assembly and installation of 4 cyclones
  • Assembly of all structural parts for the Gas Conditioning Tower (TAG 4G1 ET01) including water injecting system and material extraction equipment such as screw conveyor, guillotine valves etc.
  • Installation of the process fan (4G1 FN01) for conditioning tower including roofing and access platforms
  • Assembly and installation of process ducts and supports between Pre-heater and Conditioning Tower, Conditioning tower and Process Fans and between Process Fan and Process Duct.
  • Complete assembly of all hydraulic systems
  • Complete alignment and reports for all equipment

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