10,000 t Cement Silo Equipment Installation

Location: Martinsburg, WV
Duration: 22 weeks

Vezér Industrial Professionals installed the equipment for a 10,000 t Claudius Peters’ multicell-silo at a brown field cement plant expansion in Martinsburg, WV. The project included installing all finish mill associated equipment and structural steel.

Scope of Work:

  • Installation of feeding air slides
  • Installation of product diverters
  • Installation of the air slide diverter fans
  • Installation of various screw conveyors
  • Installation of silo dust collectors
  • Installation of buckets elevators
  • Installation of silo bottom aeration system, including:
    • air slides
    • blowers
    • silo cones
    • silo chamber hoods
  • Silo discharge and dispatch system, including:
    • enclosed air slides
    • fans
    • diverters
    • dust collectors
  • Installation of four truck loading stations, including:
    • loading spouts
    • truck scales
  • Steel Structure Installation (approximately 360 metric tons)

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